Eat Well – Move Well – Think Well Exercise, Vitamin D, and Omega-3 – The Perfect Triune for Optimising Immune Function (parents of daycare children returning after holidays), flu and COVID.


“Conclusions: Adults with high and moderate physical activity levels had significantly better outcomes than those with low activity when contracting COVID-19. The apparent protective effects of regular physical activity extended to those with concomitant chronic medical conditions.”

“The biological mechanisms underlying how physical activity reduces colon cancer risk have mainly been attributed to decreased adiposity and associated reductions in circulating insulin and pro-inflammatory cytokines.”

“Therefore, the use of EPA and DHA [omega-3 fatty acids] supplementation should be considered as both a supportive therapy and a prevention strategy in SARS-Cov-2 infection.”


The evidence for the safety and effectiveness of regular exercise and supplementation with Vitamin D and Omega-3 Fatty Acids is irrefutable and unequivocal. This should be universally recommended and if it had been during the pandemic along with other preventative health advice would have had a major impact.

Exercising and supplementing a clean Omega 3 and Vitamin D (a healthy body and strong immune system) represents the most evidence-based, effective and cost-effective ways to reduce risk of both infection and serious outcomes from COVID-19 and flu.


Sadly, the fact is that sick, overweight, malnourished and unfit people are the ones who are likely to get seriously ill from COVID, flu and other opportunistic infections. They are also the ones who are suffering from all kinds of other chronic health problems that lead to hospitalisation and early death.

Let’s protect ourselves and those we love from preventable illness this autumn. Now is the time to prepare ourselves.

You need to exercise every day, you need to ensure sufficient intake of Vitamin D and Omega-3 fatty acids, you need to eat a healthy diet and you need to have healthy attitudes, emotions and social interactions.

Our recommendations for a quality source of Omega 3 is Arctic blue visolie/algae oil as we know the oils have been tested for heavy metals. Very important to check with any omega 3 you are supplementing. Have a shop around online to find the best deal but for reference it looks like this.

For vitamin D we recommend Biotics Vitamin D-mulsion forte. Looks like this.



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