Exercise Significantly Reduces Cancer Risk

Exercise Significantly Reduces Cancer Risk

“There is strong epidemiological evidence that regular physical activity protects against colon cancer. Current estimates suggest that achieving the highest vs lowest level of physical activity reduces the relative risk of developing colon cancer by 12% to 28%. Physical activity after a colon cancer diagnosis is also associated with a decreased risk of cancer-specific mortality and recurrence.”

“The biological mechanisms underlying how physical activity reduces colon cancer risk have mainly been attributed to decreased adiposity and associated reductions in circulating insulin and proinflammatory cytokines.”

“However, the epidemiological evidence, including both observational and Mendelian randomisation studies, demonstrates that physical activity is inversely related to colon cancer risk independent of adiposity.”

“These findings suggest that the systemic responses to acute aerobic exercise inhibit colon cancer cell proliferation in vitro, and this may be driven by IL-6-induced regulation of DNA damage and repair. This mechanism of action may partly underlie epidemiological associations linking regular physical activity with reduced colon cancer risk.”


Exercise significantly shifts human metabolism towards health and thus improves all aspects of physical and emotional health. This is because humans are genetically designed to require exercise in order to express physical and emotional health.

Exercise is, literally, an essential nutrient for humans and a deficiency of daily exercise is a primary causal factor in all chronic physical and emotional illnesses.

Exercise is an evidence-based real panacea for preventing and resolving chronic illnesses including cancer, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, immune system dysfunction, brain dysfunction, depression, digestive disorders, sexual dysfunction and virtually every other chronic illness. No drug ever has or ever will ever match the proven benefits of exercise (or healthy eating or healthy thinking).

Exercise is FREE and the only side effect of exercise is greater overall health and quality of life!


If you want to get and stay well, you need to exercise every day, you need to eat a healthy diet, and you need to have healthy attitudes, emotions, and social interactions. There is simply no other way.


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