Posture exercises

Your posture is a window to your health

Many daily activities cause large amounts of spinal strain leading to abnormal postural change.

Postures such as sitting for long hours, using tablets and smartphones or long periods of reading are big factors, and many of these activities begin at young ages.

Good posture is not only important for your spine and preventing injuries, headaches, pain and degeneration, but the literature is clear in regards to posture and the effect on lung capacity, cognitive function, mood regulation, digestion, circulation, heart and vascular disease, stress and energy. 

In short, your posture directly influences your ability to have a healthy body that supports the life you want.

Hereby, we send you 2 exercises regarding your posture;

Pectoral stretches Р3 times

This exercise will help stretch the tight pectoral muscles in the front of the chest and bring your shoulders back and chest open. 

Why is this important? Rounded shoulders and a forward head can cause up to 30% reduction in lung capacity! Think of this next time you feel tired or have poor concentration.

1.  Stand in an open doorway. With your elbows slightly below shoulder height, place your hand and forearm on each of the door frames.

2.  Slowly lean forward until you feel a mild stretch in your chest

    Hold for 30 seconds Рrepeat 3 times

All Fours exercise Р3 minutes

This exercise will help strengthen the weak muscles in the spine and bring the shoulders and neck back from their forward position.

1.  Start with your arms and legs on the floor

2.  Raise one arm and the opposite leg to be horizontal

     Hold for 10 seconds Рrepeat with the other arm and leg

Do this exercise for 3 minutes in total, using slow and controlled movements. For the entire 3 minutes, raise your head up so that your eyes look at the wall in front of you to create the natural curve in your neck. Use a wall for support if you feel unbalanced.

If you have any questions, please get in contact with us.

Enjoy the exercises!