How Exercise Affects Your Genes

How Exercise Affects Your Genes

“Physical inactivity produces an abnormal gene expression and is a direct causal factor of most chronic health conditions by its direct alteration of gene expression from a normal phenotype to a preclinical or clinical phenotype.” “Further misconception could arise from the thought that exercise is a tool to repair the expression of the genome when in fact exercise induces normal expression of the genome.” “Thus it may be more useful if physical inactivity is viewed as a direct inducer of chronic health conditions.” “In other words, physical inactivity is an abnormal event for a genome programmed to expect physical activity, thus explaining, in part, the genesis of how physical inactivity leads to metabolic dysfunctions and eventual metabolic disorders such as atherosclerosis, hypertension, obesity, Type 2 diabetes and so forth.”


This landmark paper discusses the devastating effects that result from a lack of exercise and physical fitness, as well as the proven health, wellness, recovery, and prevention benefits of sufficient exercise and fitness. It stands as one of the most important ever written. Exercise is a genetic requirement for human beings, and it is simply not possible for children, young adults, adults, or seniors to be healthy without daily physical activity.

Whether you currently enjoy exercise or not is irrelevant. It is essential for us to lead a healthy life.

Lack of exercise is a primary causal factor in virtually every chronic disease, including heart disease, obesity, depression, anxiety, digestive disorders, fertility issues, cognitive decline, sexual dysfunction, sleep disorders, cancer, and the leading cause of poor quality of life and shortened lifespan.

Moreover, lack of exercise and deficient physical fitness is a primary causal factor in reduced immune function and severe outcomes from infectious illnesses, including COVID-19 and flu.


You must exercise every day. Consider exercise as an essential nutrient and recognize it as the true panacea for wellness, prevention, and recovery. Let’s get moving!

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