Some Simple Steps to Detoxify Your Life in The Netherlands

Some Simple Steps to Detoxify Your Life in The Netherlands

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Unfortunately, we live in a world where we are constantly exposed to a number of toxins. These toxins build up in our body over time and have been linked to a number of health problems including manipulation of hormones, thyroid disease and even some cancers. While some toxins (the ones we breathe) are unavoidable, there are a number of toxins we can reduce in our everyday life by implementing a few simple changes. Even if you just complete 1 of the steps listed below, you will have created a change that will better your health and wellbeing long-term.


Comparing world-wide water sources, The Netherlands has a good source however, many houses still have lead pipes that leak into the water which has been shown to decrease IQ points in young children amongst other effects on health, the use of medications that go into the sewage system and waterways can end up in our drinking water and usage of other chemicals used to clean the drinking water. Investing in a good quality water filter can help to remove unwanted chemicals and additives from your drinking source. We love the Berkey water filter as it filters the water up to 99.9%. You can also look at reverse osmosis filters that remove all the minerals in water (good and bad) however it is important to find a way to replenish the good minerals.

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Use a stainless steel water bottle or glass (if you aren’t accident-prone) rather than a plastic bottle at all times to avoid exposure to Bisphenol-A (BPA), a chemical linked to breast cancer and other health concerns.


Buy organic whenever possible. Ensure you wash and/or peel all conventional fruit and veg to minimize pesticide exposure. Check out our Instagram page here for foods that have higher rates of pesticides and are especially important to buy organic, and the ones that have lower measurements of pesticides that if you can’t buy organic, are a better option. Ekoplaza/Marqt is organic and provides home delivery and Jumbo is getting a higher amount of organic produce every month. The Noordermarkt on a Saturday offers a wide range and Odin is a great Co-op supermarket in Amsterdam. Become a member there and they give you a discount on your shopping plus also offer online ordering for your groceries:

Always buy fresh, seasonal vegetables. These have the highest nutrients as they are recently picked.

When buying vegetables and fruit, try to go somewhere that offers the product that hasn’t been wrapped in plastic to avoid any plastic exposure.

Avoid canned foods. Many food and beverage cans are lined with BPA.

Cook using stainless steel fry-pans or cast-iron. Avoid the use of Teflon and other non-stick surfaces. For cooking utensils use either wood or steel, not silicon or plastic as these degrade over time and end up in your food.

Reduce your exposure to foods in plastic containers, choose for glass storage containers instead. Everywhere sells these now from Hema to Blokker.


Switch to natural cleaners for household cleaning whether it be dishwashing tablets, washing detergents or kitchen cleaner as we are also exposed to toxins that way – you cook your food on these surfaces, you sleep in the linen, your children play on the floor.

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Personal Care

Use an aluminium-free natural deodorant and reduce your use of perfume. When you do use perfume, spray this on your clothes, instead of your skin. For aluminium-free deodorants, you can find these at Ekoplaza/Marqt, Lavendula on the westerstraat and Holland and Barrett.

Choose natural skin products where you can. Personal care products like makeup, lotions, and even baby shampoo may contain chemicals that have been linked to everything from reproductive complications to cancer. Choose natural, clean products that don’t use things like parabens (preservatives) or petroleum-derived ingredients.

Even just one of these changes can make a huge difference in the long run!