Chiropractic is the study of health and what causes man to live - B.J. Palmer



Chiropractic focuses on the promotion, recovery and support of general human health, without the use of drugs or surgical procedures. Chiropractic is a body-friendly method that honours the innate intelligence within each human being. Optimal mind-body connection is restored through removal of interference to the nervous system. As a result the body is better able to heal, leading to increased function and decreased pain and symptoms. Chiropractic is one of the fastest growing forms of healthcare worldwide. Chiropractic is supported by science to be a natural, safe and effective way to promote optimal physical and mental health.

Yours Symptoms

What causes tension?

Exposure to the stresses of our modern world begins very early in life. It takes the form of trauma, toxins, thoughts and beliefs, about your health for instance.

This pressure leads to tension in our sensitive human system. This disrupts the normal communication between our brain and body. As a result we are less able to defend and balance to our environment, both internally and externally. This tension is compounded over time. When left unchecked, it leads to dysfunction and disease of any systems of the body.

In our children this may present as colic, feeding or gut issues, sleep disturbances or concentration problems. In adults it often leads to movement injuries, headaches, backpain or fatigue to name a few. Many people come to us for a specific issue or complaint, however it is important to note that the symptoms of this tension can be subtle but the effects are always detrimental to our health and vitality.

The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well - Hippocrates

So how does it work when you first see a chiropractor at Pure Health?

Our Method

Firstly, you or your family have an intake where we take the time to get a full understanding of each individuals complaints and goals. Next, you will be asked to take your shoes and belt off and remove anything from your pockets. Then, a thorough examination is carried out, designed to unearth the underlying causes of the complaint. This includes postural and movement assessment, neurological examination and specific chiropractic testing.

We specialise in gentle chiropractic examination and adjustment techniques unique for the age and condition of each client. Our clients report greater ease and relaxation with our method in comparison to previous experience with chiropractic. Also, through our advanced chiropractic analysis methods we are better able to release tension from the body. The minimally invasive adjustments focus on the body’s own self correcting and healing ability. We help your body to get better at getting better.

The team

About us

At Pure Health our Chiropractors are passionate and ready to serve you in achieving your goals in Health and connection.

Your body's ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe

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Our mission at Pure Health Chiropractic is to provide a space where the members of our community, particularly those negotiating pregnancy and child birth, can be checked in a professional and nurturing environment. As Pure Health chiropractors we aim to serve you with an open heart and soft hands, helping you in achieving your health goals.

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